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AUTOMORPH is a collaboration between scientists and designers, working together

on the concept of self-shaping matter. While common human approaches seek to eliminate difference, inhomogeneity is nature’s generative mechanism of variety and harmony. Collaboration via differences, in matter and beyond, paves new paths for ideas and developments that will shape our future


For centuries, we have molded our environment by applying external forces to shape materials according to our desires and needs. In parallel, nature has long mastered the art of self-shaping, effortlessly producing forms that optimize energy and material usage. What if we could harness this wisdom? Imagine a world where materials no longer passively receive design, but actively engage in the shaping process.

Could the integration of self-shaping systems pave the way for a material culture that is both innovative and sustainable, maximizing efficiency in unprecedented ways?

 We believe difference and incompatibility – traditionally associated with instability – are not only essential to the efficiency and diversity of nature's generative mechanisms but represent a latent force that could be harnessed through a holistic pursuit of

material innovation.

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