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The Swirl

Mouldless non-Euclidean architecture: large-scale flat fibre-composite sheets self-morphed into a complex shape controlled by fibre patterns.



Elastomer plates morphing by air pressure into 3D shapes determined by the patterns of internal airway channels.


Self-burying Seed Carrier

Bio-inspired self-drilling carriers for the mass deployment of seeds and electronics in soil, activated by ambient humidity variations.


Breathing Landscape

Flat double-layered plastic film morphing into a ‘breathing’ 3D landscape when the network of airways defined by seam-lines is pressurised.


Perpetual Erodium Awn 

Spiralling Erodium awn activated by humidity variations, causing the twisting/untwisting of the awn’s cells.


Make a Wish 

Flat-printed PLA sheets morphing into 3D shapes when entering hot water, an outcome of its internally printed structure.


Adaptive Folds

Flat-printed natural fibre-composites with curved hinge geometry and bioinspired bilayer structure folded into 3D shape by surrounding humidity.


Parametric Frustrated Ceramics

Flat bi-layered ceramic tiles morphed into curved surfaces in the firing kiln, parametrically controlled and oriented by grooves.



Creative Differences is a glimpse into a more sustainable future, where materials we use are

no longer passive recipients of design but active participants in their shaping process. While

common human approaches seek to eliminate difference, inhomogeneity is nature’s generative

mechanism of variety and harmony. This creative power of heterogeneity in matter and society

drives Automorph network, a collaboration between scientists and designers, to work together

on the concept of self-shaping matter.


Curated as a journey through three abstract landscapes, the installation sheds light on

natural models of self-shaping, and speculates how these could be harnessed to fabricate future

morphologies. Triggered by air, humidity or heat, two dimensional materials come into life,

becoming three dimensional artifacts that construct urban, underwater or field imaginary

landscapes. Creative Differences advocates for a future material culture, where beyond unique

aesthetic qualities, new relations with our planet are imagined.

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