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Eran Sharon


Eran Sharon is a professor of physics, working in the field of nonlinear physics. His group studies mechanical instabilities in solids and liquids. Fifteen years ago, the group has introduced the concept of "non-Euclidean sheets" and revolutionized the way soft active solids are viewed and described. The experimental techniques and the theoretical formalism developed by the group provided the tools to design and construct shape transforming slender structures from different materials and over different scales. In recent years, Eran works with architects and designers, attempting to implements these concepts as alternative way of design and manufacturing.


In this talk I will present the physics of self-morphing. I will briefly review the underlying geometrical and mechanical principles that govern self-morphing.

After a short review of the current status of the field I will focus on examples that demonstrate these principles in action and how we can huse them in order to understand and design self morphing sheets.

I will conclude by briefly pointing to potentially interesting future directions of development in this new field.

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