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As a network, our wish is to reach a wide audience, and expand our presence across disciplines and continent. Exhibitions, workshops, publications and lectures is our opportunity to engage brilliant students, creators and researchers, to take part. 

Sadia Rahman

Abdelkawy Abdou

Matthew Chin

Shahab Akhavan

Mostafa Mousa

Maude Guirault

Malory Mohamed

Emily Birch

Luisa Olivera

Eric Dubois Yang

Lingxiao Luo

Ayse Akarca

Anahita Mirani

Josée Aubin Ouellette

Sam Mason

Aileen Hoenerloh

Castro Mickael

Jack Binysh

Cyrus Mostaieran

Daniel Duffy

Shiran Ziv Sharabani

Charlotte Bording

Miia Palmu

Henry Segerman

Joel Marthelot

Ben Scott

Doron Grossman

Avigail Rich

Ian Robinson

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